Aargh! I've been ...


The weird blue thingy in the first photo is from my desk (pre-remodeling) and the LWAP-on-an-IV-pole in the fourth photo is also my creation:

This is not how this blog stuff is supposed to work. I'm supposed to blog about other people - not the other way around.

Remember "be a starz mom", I know your secret identity.


Ps - Yes, I blogged from work. I had to defend myself. Didn't I?

Pps - All artwork copyright 2007 by Richard Towle


Beastarzmom said…
well, geezzzzz, you could at least leave me a comment!!!
(I do love the artwork, though - I wanted the tiedye lanyards, but they were gone when I went to take the picture!)
Willie said…
Extraordinary Indeed!! Even brighter than George Bush's brain.

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