More missed work today ...

because Chris & I played tour guide for Chris's mother Roberta, visiting from Williamsville, NY.

We drove from our apartment in Alameda, CA over to San Francisco, CA and picked up Roberta (and her friend Irene) at the intersection of Haight Street and Central Avenue near Buena Vista Park.

We drove through Golden Gate Park on the way to the Art Deco exhibition at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor and stopped at the recently remodeled Conservatory of Flowers along the way.

We were disappointed with our Garmin GPS V today.
1 - The auto-route-calculation feature was extremely slow - It wasn't fast enough when confronted with dense city streets.
2 - The North America City Select v5 maps were wrong. Parts of the Central Freeway were torn down years ago but were still in the map database.
3 - The auto-route to the museum was badly broken - it had us driving in circles in the park. We were saved from the endless circling by a minimal amount of common sense, and slight familiarity with the City.


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