I believe I have time ...

lapse mosquito bites from Janet's party-in-da-meadow-2011.

A new itch every day.



I believe that mosquitos dwell in Oakland! No bites as yet for me - ha!
Janet said…
oh no :( my parties are always trials, but I'm sad that this one had LASTING discomfort. haha.
Shellie said…
No mosquito bites for me, either! You must be sweeter than us!
Shellie said…
Just think, when you move to Alaska there will be no more mosquitos! Wish it weren't so dang far away! :(
Photo Painter said…

Sorry to crash your party but I have been trying to find someone that might have a photo (relatively large file) of the smarts crossing swimming hole. One taken from the downstream side where the kids are in the birthday photo posted a few years back. Would like to see the the whole thing if possible including the cliffs we jump off of. I would like to paint this for my son. We moved from Dutch Flat in 2004. We used to caretake the Hahn property and my wife ran The Scoop some years after Anne Pfister.

Russel used to come in a see us. My name is Jim Geddes and my wife's name is Nancy. I was sorry to read about Russel and Gem. Thanks for writing and providing all this information.

Jim Geddes

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