Scenes of wild beauty from ...

Sibley Volcanic Preserve.

I walked three or four miles - more than I'm currently permitted but I am trying to prepare for "Janet's hike" next weekend.
I took a three or four hour nap when I got home in a so far futile attempt to recuperate.

I took pictures of only a fraction of the available and blooming wildflowers.

I was the only person in the 'park' without a dog.


Much prettier from close up:

Barely noticeable cell phone and microwave towers (on the highest point in the park 'Roundtop'):

Maze to nowhere (dogs welcome):

Fog and flowers:

Maybe a bit past it's prime:

Yes, eaten after taking the picture:

Duh! Everyone knows you can't hike anywhere without a paved path to follow:


Shellie said…
I like the maze the best... it reminds me of the one at Rhyolite! In fact, it reminds me that I wanted to recreate the rock maze in our front yard... hmmm... Nice you could hike; sorry you're wiped out. Welcome to my world! You really should have come up and joined us for burn pile morning. It was so much fun! Okay, maybe not, but there are three fewer piles of brush and poison oak!
Janet said…
I don't want my hike to set back your recovery -- don't push yourself into doing it if it's not the right thing to do :(

I love that last picture! Hilarious!

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