An abundance of excitment was ...

not to be had today.

Chris and I took the following path this morning going to and from the Sewing Machine store "Lafayette Sewing Center" in Lafayette:

First we went to Ricky's Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro.

I'm still not sure where the "Theatre" portion of Ricky's is - and I'm not going to waste *any* time in finding it either. But I do wish that they would spell it correctly: it's theatER not theatRE.

We met up at Ricky's with Mark Nyssen and his son Tyler - both intently watching the University of Michigan vs Ohio State football game. A recap of the game (hint: Michigan lost) can be found here.

Here's the "No Knuckleheads Allowed" policy at Ricky's:
The "No Knucklhead Policy" is strictly enforced, making Ricky's the kind of place you can ALWAYS bring the kids, the wife, the girlfriend. Where else can you see hardcore Broncos fans and Raiders fans together both having a good time on a Sunday afternoon?!

Leaving Ricky's after a few minutes of drunken revelry, we headed cross-country to Lafayette.

Fortunately, we had the forethought to take our SUV on this trip: the Honda CRV. I'm not sure how we would have handled all those dry, clean, mostly pothole-less paved mountain roads in a 'normal' automobile.

We went uphill a bit to I-580, went north on that until SR-13 aka the "Warren Freeway", then took the Redwood Road exit. Redwood Road led led us through Chabot Regional Park and Redwood Regional Park and the Upper San Leandro Resevoir to Pinehurst Road and then to Canyon Road which we followed into Lafayette.

First stop in Lafayette was the Keenan/Heinz store for some garden ornaments. I'm not sure I should do business with them in the future as I cant find a web site for them. I know that they have a brick & mortar storefront, but no web page? What's up with that? Can I trust them?

After that we *finally* headed over to the Sewing store to pick up Chris's "Elna Quilters Dream" which was in for a tune-up.

Leaving Lafayette, we headed West on SR-24 and through the Caldecott Tunnel towards Berkeley and ...
!!! SHEN HUA !!!
(no, not this Shen Hua)

After a nice lunch (of course, I had Beef Chow Mein, no vegetables), we headed home to Alameda via the Webster Tube with just one more stop at Vines and Thomsen's Garden Center in Alameda.

1,000,000 ways to get to Alameda


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