Chris and I just returned from ...

San Jose.

I attended the following "Breakout Sessions" at the 2006 Vocera User Forum held at the Hilton Hotel in downtown San Jose

Day 1 - Monday April 10
  Technical 1
    Wireless Best Practices
    Led by Steve Yee of John C. Lincoln Hospitals in Phoenix, AZ

  System Administrator 2
    Vocera Deployment and Expansion Planning
    Led by Don Barker of Vocera

  Technical 3
    System Design and Architecture for Large Deployments
    Led by Steve Newsom and Karim Damji of Vocera

Day 2 - Tuesday April 11
  Technical 2
    Vocera Report Server
    Led by Terri Bartos of Vocera

  Technical 4
    The Power of Integration
    Led by Niraj Jain and Robert Hall of Vocera

Day 3 - Wednesday April 12
  System Administrator 4
    Optimizing the Vocera Administration Capabilities for Maximum System Value
    Led by Chris Neumann of Vocera

  Focus Group
    Interactice Discussion of Future Product Features and Offerings
    Led by Reiner Min of Vocera

I'll try to add my notes later.


Anonymous said…
Hi Rich!
Would you be free to get together this Friday evening, April 21, or Sunday, April 23rd? Let us know. We will be staying around for the weekend (Gaskell's Ball is Saturday night in Oakland). We hope you two will have some free time available!
Love, Karen and Barry

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