I went to ...

LinuxWorld 2007 today in San Francisco.

I took the Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry there and back. That's my kind of commuting.

For some unknown-to-me reason, I was allowed to attend one of the technical sessions for free. Thanks LinuxWorld!

I went to "ST7: Troubleshooting Network Booting" by Don Becker
  Forcing speed & duplex is always WRONG!
  200-300 million machines supporting PXE Boot deployed
  Marketing people said that SCSI should be pronounced as "Sexy" and not as (the correct) "Scuzzy"
  The PXE stack sucks, but it is the standard on everything. So at least everything sucks equally.
  Ethernet "Capture Effect"
  TFTP is simple to implement, but not often implemented well. A poorly designed TFTP server can cause havoc with PXE Boot - especially when a number of PXE client are rebooting at the same time.

I also got a whole bunch of Schwag in the Exhibit Hall.


Beastarzmom said…
I love it when you talk SCSI...

(pttoypi - what you do and what you do it in)

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