We ate the world's best ...

french fries (aka Pommes Frites) for lunch today at Thomas Keller's restaurant Bouchon in Yountville.


After lunch we continued on to Julie and Noah's house in Sebastopol for a multi-person, multi-family birthday party. It got a little weird when we were buzzed by the Sonoma County Sheriff's helicopter for fifteen minutes - but it turned out that the helicopter was just waiting for the SWAT team and Sebastopol Police Department to arrive. Oh the laughs we had together. One of them had a real neato looking Heckler and Koch MP5 9mm sub-machine gun but he was very selfish and wouldn't let anyone else play.

All in all, the party was a HUGE success!

Late update: Photos (thanks Janice) from the party after the SWAT team left.

Pic #1 "Surprise Attack"

Pic #2 "Revenge"

Pic #3 "Mutual Assured Destruction"


Jan said…

"Mutual Assured Destruction" - now I can't stop laughing.

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