Harvey went on a blog comment binge this afternoon and I ...

gathered them all together here for you-all to see:
  That is crazy beautiful! AAAGGGHH! The blue is so intense.
  Hella, yo. The drawings are awesome!
  Sick. The picture, not me.
  So flippin' pretty.
  I think she's communicating to us that the puzzle was completed successfully and without bloodshed. Woot woot!

My reinterpretations of the above:
  AAAGGGHH! Hella, yo. Not me, flippin' the puzzle.
  Puzzle flippin' picture hella crazy. Aaaaggghh!
  W00t flippin' sick, hella intense


harvey said…
rofl, such eloquence! Pure poetry, man.
harvey said…
errr.. is it weird that I commented on a blog post about my comments?

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