Houston, blech.

Mucho heat & humidity (just like New Orleans).

We started our day by checking out earlier-than-we-expected from the Hampton Inn - Northwest.
Our complaints:

  1. The worst shower of this trip
  2. The smallest room we've ever been in
  3. The free wireless Internet only worked in the bathroom.
  4. Some sort of interior remodeling tile work started promptly at 7:00am right outside our door.

After checking out (and getting a 100% refund on the room charge), we drove across the street and reserved a room at the Best Western - Windsor Suites.

Chris & I helped Brendan jump start his car this morning. Apparently he has never used jumper cables before. It was also made more difficult because of the lack of the jumper cables themselves. We took Brendan to a 'nearby' (in Houstonian lingo this means anything less than 100 miles away) Target store and got some 'el-cheapo' brand cables.

Brendan and Dima were heading off to the 'nearby' Six Flags amusement park.

We checked in at the Best Western and got the keys to our room. The maid wasn't finished cleaning it yet but we were able to unload most of our luggage from our rental car.

Chris & I had lunch at Subway, and then went to see I, Robot (mostly for the air-conditioning) in the Lowes - Easton Commons 8.

We had dinner at Chipotle. Mmmm, I had an excellent steak burrito with black-beans.


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