I attended a Cisco ...

security seminar in San Francisco today.

It was held in the Elizabethan "D" (the D is for depressing!) room of the Westin St. Francis hotel on Union Square


I took the Harbor Bay ferry from Bay Farm Island.

Rode streetcar #1815 (from Milan, Italy) on the F-Line of the Market Street Railway

Got off the streetcar at Powell street.
Walked up Powell Street alongside (and faster than) one of the Powell Street Cable Cars

Stuff from the seminar that I need to follow up on:
Clean Access (NAC Appliance)
Unicast RPF

I walked down Market Street to the Alameda/Oakland ferry.

In the Oakland estuary,

I saw the following ships docked at the Port of Oakland:
NYK Libra

Marion Green

APL Thailand

On the Alameda side of the estuary, and adjacent to the ferry terminal I saw the:
Domani - a superyacht buily by Benetti and apparently being refit by the Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

Not really related to my trip to the city, but something that Chris and I see every day from our apartment:
The Brown Pelican


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