Forty-four pictures taken ...

thirty-nine pictures worth keeping ...
five pictures posted.

Zapata windmill along La Panza Road

Aeromotor windmill along La Panza Road

The end of the pavement - just dirt for the next ~50 miles on Soda Lake Road thru the Carrizo Plain

Pronghorn Antelopes along Soda Lake Road

The entirety of downtown Maricopa

And ... we have safely arrived in LA la land.

From the Hampton Inn in Paso Robles
North on South Vine
East on 1st Street
Over highway 101 where the name changes to Niblick Road
South on Creston Road
Across highway 41
South on La Panza Road
East on highway 58
South on Soda Lake Road
Thru "California Valley"
Thru the Carrizo Plain
Northeast on highway 33/166
Past the Nestlé Purina cat litter mine
North on highway 33 to downtown Maricopa and the Maricopa Quilt Company
South on highway 33
East on highway 166
Across I-5
South on highway 99
Merge with and South on I-5
South on 605
East on Katella Avenue
Arrive at our hotel in Los Alamitos
Total: 246 miles in five and a half hours.


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