Chris and I took Janet ...

out to dinner this evening to celebrate her first day at U.C. Davis as a sophomore.

We went (for the second time) to El Mariachi Taqueria.

You can read reviews of this restaurant here and here and here.

My burrito was very blah - lacking much actual flavor. But they do have an excellent salsa bar with fifteen or so different salsa's to choose from.

After dinner we visited with Gus for a while - his cats liked me and scared Chris.

After Gus we went shopping with Janet at the Safeway and Longs near her apartment.

While Chris and Janet were in Long's, I took a bunch-o-pictures of pretty clouds above the shopping center - but cannot post any tonight since I forgot the camera USB cable.


Shellie said…
Hello brother... thanks for FINALLY blogging something new... just kidding... and wanting to use a bunch of elipses...

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