Another stupid ...

but distracting recommendation:
  Fido, the movie.

"Scottish comedian-actor Connolly has the real trench work though, giving what must be cinema's first fully realized zombie portrayal," writes Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times. "Yes, he nails the growls with expected rabidity and reacts to a playful spray from a garden hose with hilariously stifled joy, but when reacting to the perfumed scent of [Carrie-Anne] Moss's lonely housewife, Connolly subtly suggests all that the undead have lost. It's a surprising moment in a mostly jokey film, but it indicates as much as the cultural satire and gleamingly effective period décor that, ironically enough, there's still a lot of life left in the zombie flick."

Any zombie comedy is a good zombie comedy.

I think that we saw Fido on the Sundance channel - but it doesn't appear to be on again anytime soon.


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