We are safely ...

home after our week-long trip to Long Beach.

Total miles: 1,340

Favorite roads: State route 4 across Ebbetts Pass and U.S. Route 395 in between the Sierra Nevadas and the White Mountains.

Least favorite roads: Interstate 5 and every freeway in the greater Los Angeles area.

Off topic: you must climb 48 stairs to reach Brian and Sarah's apartment in Tujunga.


Shellie said…
Welcome home... um... how about a picture of Brian and Sarah's apartment instead of a definition of 48??????? Please????????
Anonymous said…
Ah, yes - my two favorite Ca roads also - and least favorite plus others I could mention. Anyhow, welcome home.
The bad thing about the 48 stairs is knowing there are 48 - I made that climb several times last winter and I do admit, was always glad I made it to the top in complete ignorance of how many steps I had mastered.

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