Two blog entries in two days ...

I'm on a roll!

I drove over with Chris this morning to Needle in a Haystack at 1533 Webster Street so she could attend a couple of CA Wells classes:
* T-Shirt Needlecase
* Needlework Frame

I walked home taking the following route:
West on Webster Street
South on Central Avenue
South-west across the corner of Washington Park
West on 8th Street for just a bit
Past the dog parks

West into the Crown Memorial State Beach

South on the beach along the shoreline
to the Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary

North on the bikepath alongside Shoreline Drive
East on Willow Street.

When I got home, I worked for a bit and then checked up on the "Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy" on Wikipedia.
I could care less about the actual cartoons, but I find the reaction to the cartoons very interesting.

I saw an unrelated link on the Wikipedia "Talk" page that picqued my interest: Flying Spaghetti Monster:


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