We had a quick day of ...

errands here in Alameda.

We dropped off our Hoover "Self Propelled WindTunnel Ultra Upright" model U6425-900 vacuum cleaner for service at "A-1 Vacuum and Sewing" at 1502 Park Street.

Thanks to the work of the Park Street Business Association in 'improving' the 'streetscape', I had to park several blocks away. Aargh!

We then walked across the street to Pillow Park Plaza at 1419 Park Street to continue our months-long search for a new recliner for Chris. (I remain an unapologetic couch potato).

Chris finally found a chair that she likes - the BarcaLounger Allure II pop-up recliner:

Hers will be coming in a 'premium' aniline dyed red leather somewhat like this:

We then walked across the street (again) to Alameda Eyes Optometry at 1432 Park Street. Chris made an appointment for next week - I got some neato (and free) "see and be seen" reflective snap on armbands similar to these:

that we'll use on our nightly walks along Shoreline Drive.


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