My niece Janet said this ...

in an email she sent out this afternoon:

Guess what, everyone?

As of 3:21 in the morning last night, the book is DONE! Done! D-O-N-E!
I just have to read it over to check for mistakes and run the spell check, which will be a lot of work, but not nearly so much! And that's all!
O glorious sunshiny day, O July 11th, most sacred of dates, O three in the morning, most wondrous of hours, O excessive sugar highs, established through the consumption of multiple cans of root beer, O brilliance!
I'm a walking purple x-plosion! (and as you can tell, I slept less than five hours last night, ha)

Here are the raw numbers, in all their shining dominance, etc.:
  169,115 words
  81 chapters (plus epilogue! O glory!)
  227 pages in Arial Narrow font, single spaced
  274 pages in Times New Roman, single spaced

Cha-cha, cha-cha-cha!

I'm not sure what "Cha-cha, cha-cha-cha" means. Maybe this?

In any case, congratulations Janet! Now on to Reed College (but only after you get one of these).


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