Chris and I just returned from an exciting weekend of ...

quilting at the 2008 Pacific International Quilt Festival (aka PIQF) at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

We drove down early on Saturday morning and spent the night at the Santa Clara Hilton for free - using 30,000 of our about-to-expire-so-lets-use-em-for-something Hilton Honors points.

I took sixty-two pictures of the quilts that *I* liked and they are posted here.


Anonymous said…
Wow! It amazed me to see how closely many quilts are aligned with polar zonohedra. But of course - geometry is all around us if we just look for it! So Chris has a challenge to design and produce a quilt with spirallohedron - it might be a tad thick here and there but probably a first. But what fun - Mom
Karen said…
Wow! I think the Maple Leaf and the Weeping Willow are my favorites, but there are so many that I would love to hang on a wall or drape across a bed -- beautiful!

We ripped open our front steps yesterday in Nevada City to pull out some supports with lovely dry rot. Today a foundation man is here. Hopefully we will put in the new steps after one sort of major support is replaced. (Barry has already cut the stringers and we have primed and painted the new steps, so that part should go quickly....then during the week I am supposed to sand the front porch, wash it, caulk the spaces between the boards, then paint it. Should be interesting!)
Love to you both --
Struggling badly,

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