Chris and I saw ...

the opening night & world premiere performance of "The Iago Syndrome" at CSU East Bay (formerly known as CSU Hayward) this evening.

It is based on the character of Iago (from Othello), the Fort Bragg killings of 2002 and an unbilled twice baked potato.

This play wouldn't have been the same without the random interpretive dances scattered throughout to help the audience ignore the dialog. There is nothing like some interpretive dance to help lighten up a soldier/husband murdering his wife on stage with a baseball bat and a red Victoria's Secret bra.

The twice baked potato clearly stole the show. I've been told that the twice baked potato actually bounces, but I have not seen this miracle for myself. All praise to the inanimate carbon rod twice baked potato!

I was also impressed by the giant sized trapezoidal bed. There was a love scene (with knife) played out on the bed of trapezoidal goodness while the audience was distracted by ... another interpretive dance. This was the best distracting interpretive dance I have ever seen and I really liked how it mirrored the actions on the bed (lying prone) while actually dancing around all crazy like.

On the plus side, parking was free after 6pm.

Let me repeat, parking was free after 6pm.

Go for the free parking, stay for the twice baked potato.


harvey said…
lol... if I thought actually seeing the play would be nearly as funny as your commenting on the play, I would love to see it.

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