Yet another dubious milestone ...

As of today, I have ridden my bicycle 2,522.03 miles! (with 2500 being the dubious milestone)

  Today's ride == 38.27 miles (my second longest) with the unique portions shown on this map
  Daily average == 18.41 and still climbing
  Amount of rain that fell on me and my bicycle on Friday == 0.23 inches (but it felt like a lot more)

Graphy goodness:


Shellie said…
You continue to amaze me with your bike riding skills... and DISTANCE! Congratulations on reaching 2500 miles! UNREAL!
Karen said…
Wow! I am SO impressed! I truly am! So here's my dumb question -- do you use an extra comfortable bike seat? (I bet it's in that early blog about your bike -- I can't remember....) Anyway, I am blown away to imagine riding nearly all the way across the country!

Also, can you join us at Mom's on Thanksgiving for some food and fun? We need lots of people to make progressive rummy even crazier -- (too bad we can't play Karen rummy!)... I hope to call you tomorrow.


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