I went for my second ...

San Jose Bike Party ride on Friday.

While I was cycling madly around San Jose after dark, Chris attended a couple of lectures and a fashion show at the PIQF Quilt Show.

We stayed at the Santa Clara Hilton hotel - adjacent to the Santa Clara Convention Center hosting the quilt show.

I bicycled a total of 72.36 miles on Friday - a new one day record for me.
26.64 miles during my commute and 45.72 miles related to the Bike Party:
   3.72 Pre-pre-pre-ride from the Santa Clara Hilton to the Mercado Shopping Center
   4.76 Pre-pre-ride from the Mercado Shopping Center to SCU
   6.94 Pre-ride from SCU to "The Plant"
  10.57 Main ride part one from "The Plant" to the roof of the Oakridge Mall parking garage
   9.00 Main ride part two from the Oakridge Mall to SJSU
  10.73 Post-ride from SJSU to the Santa Clara Hilton

I left the hotel at 5:30pm and got back at ~2am. I am still tired.

My route can be seen HERE in purple.

On Saturday I took a very different route home on my bicycle along a whole-lotta-new-to-me-paths totalling ~35 miles. Including a short stretch on 101 adjacent to Moffett Field - not sure of the legality. This route can be seen HERE in blue.

ps - all of the aboove bicycling was performed on my bicycle of triangular goodness aka my Strida 5.0 SX Limited.


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