Continuing ...


Was fun watching the rain storm today. Went for a walk between raindrops - maybe a third of a mile.

Feeling a little better every day. Weight static for the past two days at 181.0 pounds.

Today I ate the following:
Grape Nuts with milk (no sugar)
Leftover macaroni & cheese with ground beef and pepper jack cheese added
Two mandarin orange fruit cups
Large Granny Smith apple
2/3 of a large enchilada with beef, cheese and green bell peppers
One peanut
Two large servings of Caesar salad

Expecting more sameness tomorrow but with less football.


Anonymous said…
Rain - rain - and more rain! How nice that you had a break for a stroll. Actually, we did too - but always unpredictable re how long it will last. It sounds like Shellie is treating you quite well - three cheers for Shellie! Your progress continues to impress me! (As you know, I am easily impressed!) Love, Mom

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