Just reclining in my hospital bed ...

weeping while thinking about Jim Mills.

Until just now, I don't think I realized the incredible influence he had on my life during an extremely difficult stage before and after my parents' nuclear divorce.

I am SO grateful that I was able to participate with Jim on:
* one multiple day trip down the Royal Gorge with a group of 20-40 (the sad incident of the C.H.P. Officer and the bear)
* at least one two or three night trip to Green Valley (with the Dunham brothers)
* one off-road motorcycle trip from Colfax to Foresthill to the Mumford Bar trail and back (I was on my Honda Trail 90. About 410 less horsepower than the others).

Thank you Jim! I am a better person for having known you.


Still weeping.


Shellie said…
Yup, you made me cry, too.

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