I just returned from my first ...

session of Physical Therapy in the pool!

It was awesome - I loved every second of the 45 minutes I spent in the water. My Therapist Ronnie kept scolding me to slow down and not to push myself so hard (because of how I'll feel tomorrow).

My next session is on Monday of next week - but I now have a pass to the gym & pool and can return anytime I want aka whenever I can bum a ride from Shellie or Jeff.

My weight is slowly increasing - as of this morning around 185 pounds.


Anonymous said…
You just knew that being in a pool was going to be fantastic - so happy for you that you were right - as per usual. Enjoy splashing at every opportunity! And tell Shellie that I am one of many that is very grateful for her adopting you at this time. It looks like 2011 is off to a good start for you. So have a happy - Love, Mom
Karen said…
Awesome! Wow! You are amazing! Hopefully Shellie's car will be fixed soon and you can run to the pool in the pickup truck!

Happy New Year's Eve!

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