Random stats from two ...

weeks of bicycle riding around Alameda (and Oakland).

2 - number of "My Maps" created on Google (week#1, week#2)
100.44 - Miles ridden over the past fourteen days
2.20 - Least miles ridden in a day (today)
12.80 - Most miles ridden in a day
7.17 - Average miles ridden in a day
~$250.00 - dollars spent so far on bicycle accessories
0 - Number of routes I like (so far) from work to home
1 - Number of times I have ridden thru the Posey Tube
0 - Number of times I will ever again ride thru the Posey Tube


Shellie said…
wow... that's a lot of bike riding... did you weigh and measure yourself to keep track of all the inches you'll lose? I'm so impressed. Really.

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