If I can't be young & foolish anymore ...

at least I can still be foolish.

Proof: I rode my bicycle to work this morning during today's "storm of the century".

Cons: Headwinds with rain stinging my face.
Pros: Tailwinds making it real easy to coast along at 20mph.
Interesting: Crosswinds trying to blow me over.

Strangely, I saw no other bicyclists on the road. Slackers!

Edit: Proof in pictures!




Janet said…
You should have come to Davis. A few intrepid souls tried to ride their bikes to class... One of my friends decided to ford his way through a flooded bike tunnel. He thought the water was only six inches deep. He had to turn around after he couldn't pedal anymore and the water was up to his thighs.
Richard said…
Only slackers turn around!
Shellie said…
WOW! You are indeed crazy! Glad you had -fun- and are safe. Someone today told us Fresno has not had rain like this in 20 years. Oh yes... such great news. NOT.

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