More lemony goodness ...

I said:
Alana, your Meyer lemons made an amazing Soufflé. Thank you again for bringing me twenty-two lemons and none for Jonathan. ;-)
For her double recipe, Chris used two and a half lemons for zest, and one lemon for juice.
The remainder are in two canning jars in process of becoming "Salt-preserved Meyer lemons".

Alana said:
... and you didn’t bring any in to share with us!?!? Humph!
Jonathan, I’m so sorry the “Lemon Monster” got all those. I will bring some directly to you tomorrow or Monday.

Jonathan said:
I am crying! Salt preserved lemons are awesome!

Alana said:
Yeah! I know.
Richard has promised to bring us some when they’re ready.

Jonathan said:
You’re the best, Alana!
Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m afraid there’s a lemon monster in my closet. In times like those I find great solace in the Flying Spaghetti Monster:


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