More than yesterday but not ...

nearly as cold. I did more/better Google maps research and chose a sunnier road to walk along in the same general area as yesterday except I was in the valley on the North side of Big & Little Darby Peaks a few miles East of Willits.

I walked something over ten miles today. I started at the highest point of Hearst Willits Road near the intersection with String Creek Road and followed the H.W. road thru Rocktree Valley and Rocktree Creek five miles and approximately 600 feet in elevation downhill and then the same coming back. I walked as far as I could - until I reached an impassable to me (and most non-extreme 4x4's) ford across Tomki Creek.

I rate today's walk as 5% of the Green Valley Trail.

I saw the following interesting bridge along the route:

I remembered to bring & use walking stick number two. Walking stick number three from a Madrone is in a very rough state and not ready for use.

2 - vulture houses
1 - trophy gate
10 - annoying barking dogs
4 - vicious barking dogs
10 - chickens
1 - guard rooster
2 - billy goats
30 - wild turkeys
50 - no trespassing signs
3 - potholes that were iced over, missed on the walk down, seen on the walk back up around 3pm. In hindsight it was sorta cold in places along the road.

No Merg's were harmed during my walk - but I was prepared to defend myself with walking stick number two if necessary.


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