Not a complete ...

slacker today.

I drove up 101/20 to Willits then a few miles East to where I parked at the intersection of Hearst Willits Road and Eastside Road. From there I walked up (always up) Berry Canyon Road (Poison Oak Canyon would have been more appropriate). The walk started out in filtered sun and the temperature was around 65F. But after a quarter mile or so the canyon deepened, the road turned to the Northeast, the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped to below freezing for the next couple of miles. Again I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt which were completely inadequate for the frozen stretches. I considered walking back to get my jacket but it was too cold for me to turn around ... I could only walk in a straight line. I survived the frozen canyon and emerged back into the sun near the 'pass'. I walked down the other side for another mile to the 'trailhead' of the BLM's Little Darby Environmental Education Area. I walked all of the developed trails - the majority were steep enough to require switchbacks. There was an overabundance of immature Poison Oak lining all of the trails that will make this a much more challenging area to hike the rest of the year. With a couple exceptions, the entire trail complex was in deep shade but was a pleasant 50F to 60F.

0 - trophy anythings
3 - vicious barking dogs
1 - tiny barking dog named "Yoda"
~20 - no trespassing signs

I rate today's walk as 3% of the Green Valley Trail
I rate today's hike as 7% of the Green Valley Trail

I estimate my total walking and hiking for the day at nine miles! And I remembered to bring and use walking stick number two.


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