West Berkeley's Five Block Alley of Beans ...

posted on behalf of my lazy friend James.

My concerns:
  San Pablo Avenue is more than an Alley.
  The 'restaurants' below are in a seven block range.
  I dont know if he is referring to the always excellent black (turtle) beans or just run-of-the-mill refried pinto beans.

Gallegos Mexican Food
  2200 San Pablo Ave
  (between Allston Way & Bancroft Way)
  Berkeley, CA 94702
  (510) 841-9710

Mi Tierra Foods (Deli)
  2082 San Pablo Ave
  (between Addison St & University Ave)
  Berkeley, CA 94702
  (510) 540-8946

La Villa Taqueria
  2434 San Pablo Ave
  (between Channing Way & Dwight Way)
  Berkeley, CA 94702
  (510) 843-0112‎

Little Pablo Taqueria
  2056 San Pablo Ave
  (between University Ave & Addison St)
  Berkeley, CA 94702
  (510) 548-2223

Casa Latina Bakery
  1805 San Pablo Ave
  (between Delaware St & Hearst Ave)
  Berkeley, CA 94702
  (510) 558-7177


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