The friend of snow is ...

a washboard road. Miles and miles of bone shaking evil washboard. Driving slow didn't help, driving fast didn't help. Driving on the left side of the road didn't help, driving partly off of the road did help - but increased the risk of a flat tire.

The washboard-friend-of-snow started at about mile sixty of a seventy-five mile detour on Big Pine/Death Valley Road. Mile sixty as in too far to consider turning around and going back to the 'main'/paved road into Death Valley.

A few pictures from the day.

Yucca Gramcie:

Killer of flowers:


Flower guardrail:


Cactus w/flowers:

Crankshaft Junction:

Asphalt, blessed asphalt:

Fool, keeping leg elevated while balancing on the edge of the Ubehebe Crater in a sixty mile wind:

Bike to work day in Rhyolite Nevada:

Resident of Rhyolite:




Anonymous said…
This harkens back to a time after your grandmother's teens and before yours, but you are in fact "Doing the Freddy." And dare I say, doing it quite well.

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