Froggy ...

was confused as to his provenance. He thought he was a frog but all the other frogs were afraid and wouldn't play with him. He croaked like a frog, hopped like a frog, had the same number of legs as a frog but he was not a frog. Froggy was an alligator and he was raised by a wolf pack in the high alpine mountains of northern Iowa. The wolves taught Froggy to be a cowboy, but he was allergic to cows and had to change careers. He tried selling used cars. He tried working as a barrista at a Starbucks. He worked in a bookstore. But all Froggy could do was be a frog.

Hmmm, I think my eyes are painted gold:

My what brass teeth I have, said Froggy as he was feeling a bit peckish:


Janet said…
I love the wide-open mouth –- ready and willing to embrace the world if the world would only embrace him back!

(on the subject of animals, my captcha word is "cattork" -- perhaps there is a statuette out there somewhere experiencing some cat/stork confusion)

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