SPLAT, SPLAT, splat-splat, ...

splat-splat-splat, SPLAT, splat-splat.

Very uneven rain just started falling here.

Splat splat splat splat splat splat splish splat.

Starting to even out a bit.

Now a lull.

Maybe not as even as I said?

If it wasn't past midnight and I wasn't so tired I would redo the above in Haiku.

Splat ... splat ... splat ... splat-splat splat splat spat ... mini-lull #2


Janet said…
moar haikus.

Doofus sounds like a popular guy :) And hilarious to boot!

Yes, my username is loserlywonder >.> I'm like a loserly superhero!
Shellie said…
Did you all know that Ukiah spelled backward is haiku? Pretty darn exciting!

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