Some neato looking river maps ...

Made in the style of transit maps here:
  SomethingAboutMaps - River Maps.

Details of the process followed in the creation of these maps can be found here:
  SomethingAboutMaps - On River Maps

A snippet of the details:
Distort the Rivers

Even though the rivers are already a gross oversimplification of the real stream network, more distortions are needed. It’s not possible, usually, to label everything clearly and have all the network connections be unambiguous while keeping the river lines and settlement locations in approximately the right place.

So, I stretch out or shrink certain parts of the river, and move settlements around, to keep everything clear and easy to read. I also move whole river systems around to space them out more clearly. Understanding the connections and relationships is the goal in this design. Spatial accuracy is great, and I try to keep it where I can, but it’s secondary. Also, this part is, again, fun to do.

One specific map that should of interest to the few readers of this blog:


Shellie said…
Missed this completely when I read your blog yesterday! Very interesting!
Anonymous said…
Wow - just think how that map would have helped us last Saturday.
We would have roamed around in squares instead of circles.

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